We are proud to announce that Coriolanus Vanishes has been awarded the Edinburgh Arts Club Theatre Award and Coriolanus Vanishes actor Irene Allan has been awarded The Stage Edinburgh Award for her outstanding performance in the show during the 2018 Fringe Festival.

Coriolanus Vanishes at Edinburgh Fringe



A tense, suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller written by David Leddy.

Chris has experienced three deaths, one after another. She’s in prison awaiting trial. But she doesn’t know why.

Written for either gender, originally played by a man, and now performed by a woman without changing a word.

Performing at Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh 2 - 26 August 2018.
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Produced by Fire Exit in co-production with Tron Theatre.

Pyromania Rehearsed Readings

Pyromania Rehearsed Readings, 3rd & 4th May

As part of Tron Mayfesto.

Maryam Hamidi and Amy Conway are part of our Pyromania playwrights bursary and present the plays they have been developing over the last year.

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Thursday 3rd May, 8pm, Tron Theatre
End Of. by Maryam Hamidi

Sarah is a story addict. Did I say 'story'? I meant 'sex'. She is a sex addict.

Today Sarah is presenting her paper on ’The primal need for the narrative climax’, but five hours ago her life took a nosedive and love, sex and work are on a collision course to a painful, loud resolution.

End of. is a play about that pinnacle moment. The apex we are all striving for in the joke, the chapter in the book, the brief encounter, love, sex and whole lifetimes in pursuit of that meaningful end of it all. But will you know your happy ending once you’ve found it?

Friday 4th May, 8pm, Tron Theatre
The Warhol Assassin by Amy Conway

I never shot a gun before. I liked it. It felt good...For the first time in a long time, I felt good.

Still reeling from her failed attempt to assassinate the great Andy Warhol in 1968, Valerie Solanas sits at her typewriter and plots the extermination of the male sex. Change is coming, she can feel it. It is inevitable.

Meanwhile in 2018, art historian Jo McAllister is holed up in her studio, making screenprint after screenprint into the night with thick yellow paint. Tomorrow she will unleash hell, but tonight preparations must be made. The delivery must be impeccable. She mustn’t be misunderstood.

The Warhol Assassin is a new play by writer and theatre maker, Amy Conway (Super Awesome World, 30:60:80): a gaudy, messy, conversation about power and powerlessness, action and inaction, anger and madness.