2014+2017: HORIZONTAL COLLABORATION is a courtroom drama with a dark twist where sex, power and politics collide with emotion, seduction and destruction. Four steely U.N. lawyers read out startling interview transcripts from their laptops in an explosive tribunal concerning ‘horizontal collaboration’ - the name given to the supposed wartime crime of having sex with an enemy soldier. The intense stillness of the courtroom contrasts with the volatile narrative that unfolds around Judith K, an African warlord’s wife. After her husband’s assassination, Judith becomes leader and takes her people on a treacherous path towards peace… or does she? And can women ever be given the freedom to lead in a different way from men?

The piece examines the psychology of power in times of war. The style of the production is theatrically simple and stripped down, with Leddy describing it as a minimalist chamber piece. As Horizontal Collaboration progresses, the lawyers turn off their desklamps one by one until they are lit only by the intense, blue light of their laptops. Then, one by one, they close down their laptops until everyone is left in darkness.

Double billed with downloaded drama City of the Blind.

Warning: sexual violence

Running time: 1 hour

★★★★ “Intense... dark imaginings" The Herald
★★★★ “Highly honed… superb” The Stage
★★★★ "Thrilling... thought-provoking... " EdFestMag
★★★★ “It’s a cracker” The Beasts Pen
“Compelling… rich… provocative” Total Theatre
“Dramatically pure… inventive” Sunday Herald
“Unique… very clever” A Younger Theatre
"Magnificent… amazing theatre” London Grip

Shortlisted Amnesty Int. Freedom of Expression Award

Previous Presentations

JUNE 2015
8 - 9 June, Escola Superior de Artes Célia Helena, Cultura Inglesa Festival, São Paulo

Previous performances:

31 July - 24 August 2014, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

OCT 2014
24 Oct, Dukes Theatre, Lancaster


Written and directed by DAVID LEDDY
Portuguese Translation by MARCO AURÉLIO NUNES
Spanish Translation by CONSTANZA BRIEBA
Technical Manager GERALD MCDERMOTT
Assistant Producer HANNAH PUTSEY
Casting Associate EMILY REUTLINGER
Casting Assistant SAMUEL KEEFE
Education Coordinator ANDREW EATON-LEWIS

Funded by Creative Scotland
Part of Made in Scotland Showcase 2014, see www.madeinscotlandshowcase.com


Friday 24 Oct at 8pm
Aliki Chapel
Helen Longworth
Ali Matthews
Mia Wilson


Thursday 31st July at 3.45pm
Mandy Bhari
Stewart Cairns
Glenna Scacchi Morrison
Julia Taudevin

Friday 1st August at 6.15pm
Selina Boyack
Claire Dargo
Pauline Lynch
Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambaksh

Saturday 2nd August at 9.15pm
Keith Fleming
Janette Foggo
Robin Laing
Esther McAuley

Sunday 3rd August at 11am
Nalini Chetty
Graham De Banzie
Martin O'Connor
Alison Peebles

Tuesday 5th August at 1.30pm
Brian Alexander
Astrid Azurdia
James Heatlie
Kirstin Murray

Wednesday 6th August at 3.45pm
Andy Corelli
Anne Kidd
Lynsey-Anne Moffat
Ian Sexon

Thursday 7th August at 6.30pm
Mark Kydd
John Macaulay
John McMahon
Benny Young

Friday 8th August at 9pm
Jade Anouka
Maggie MacRitchie
Eoin Slattery
Rodney Stevens

Saturday 9 August at 11am
Amiera Darwish
Vincent Friell
Jacqueline Gourlay
Candice Moore

Sunday 10th August at 1.30pm
Jo Clifford
Ceit Kearney
Patrick O'Brien
Atta Yaqub

Tuesday 12th August at 3.45pm
Michael Blair
Nicole Cooper
Julie Duncanson
Tonderai Munyevu

Wednesday 13th August at 6.30pm
Peter Collins
Paul Featherstone
Martin McCardie
Clare Waugh

Thursday 14th August at 9.15pm
Lesley Hart
Camille Marmie
Eimear McBride
Samantha Wilson

Friday 15th August at 11am
Morven Macbeth
Steven McNicoll
Ruth Mitchell
Alec Westwood

Saturday 16th August at 1.20pm
Lucianne McEvoy
Kal Sabir
Michael Sheldon
Rosalind Sydney

Sunday 17th August at 3.45pm
Louise Montgomery
Mercy Ojelade
Joanna Tope
Julia Watson

Tuesday 19th August at 6.30pm
Pauline Goldsmith
Deb Jones
Nabil Shaban
Matthew Zajac

Wednesday 20th August at 9.15pm
Lucinka Eisner
Sarah MacCardie
Gary McNair
Carl Patrick

Thursday 21st August at 11am
Matthew Bulgo
Pauline Knowles
Pierre Simpson
Rebecca Thorn

Friday 22nd August at 1.30pm
Tim Barrow
Gowan Calder
Martin McBride
Itxaso Moreno

Saturday 23rd August at 3.45pm
Helen Belbin
Lizzie Conrad
Iain Robertson
Natalie Toyne

Sunday 24th August at 6.30pm
James Bryce
Julie Hale
Keith Macpherson
John Milroy


First edition, 2014.
£9.99 + P&P.
Published and sold by Fire Exit Limited via Amazon.

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Information pack and technical specifications:
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Available from autumn 2014.
Can be presented at reasonably short notice.

Scale of Venue:
Small to Medium Scale

Company size:
0-5 on the road.

Length of show:
60mins. No interval

Text based, new writing.

English or Spanish or Portuguese.
Can be presented with or without surtitles.

16 +

Wrap-around work:
We offer a range of educational activities, including masterclasses, workshops, and post-show discussions. These are led by David Leddy. Please contact us for more information.

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